Sitewide Recent Posts – hack

I started using WordPress Mu for a couple of sites that I am helping out with. The key to WordPress Mu is the ability to have multiple WordPress sites under the control of a main WordPress site. For example, if you have a common topic, you can have multiple sub-sites under the main site. Examples of these are the two sites I am helping out with 9/12 Candidates and NC Freedom. While 912 Candidates has sub-sites based on each state, NC Freedom uses sub-sites based on regions within the state. Another part of WordPress Mu is the ability to have Continue reading Sitewide Recent Posts – hack

Testing the syntax highlighter

So, I added this awesome plugin called SyntaxHighlighter Evolved that converts code into a pretty look on the blog. The reason for using this is obvious to any developer. It’s a real pain in the butt to convert code so that it will display in HTML. And you want to display code every now and then to show off your geek fu or just to complain about some code that was bugging you. Let’s see if my new buttons work. Basically, I am using WP-Quicktag to easily add QuickTags to a post. For the SyntaxHighlighter I decided to add two Continue reading Testing the syntax highlighter

My new Mixed Tape plugin

I am about to release a new plugin for WordPress. I am calling it WordPress Mixed Tape (WP Mixed Tape). If you have no idea what a mixed tape (mix tape) is, well, take a little trip back in time with me. Back in the day (let’s say the 1980’s), [W:cassette tapes] where the way taking your music with you. The [W:8-track tape] had gone the way of the [W:Dodo] and record [W:albums] were not portable. If those terms seem foreign to you, I included Wikipedia links to help you understand a little better. The great thing about tapes were Continue reading My new Mixed Tape plugin