Meetup for BlackBerry 10 release 1.2.0

I have done a minor/mid release (1.2.0 / 4.2.0) for the Meetup app. I updated the build OS to 10.2. I figured at this point, everyone should have updated their device to 10.2.1. Another push for updating to 10.2, is that BlackBerry has already announced 10.3 and provided beta simulators, so that developers could get started updating their apps or building new apps with the new features. I don’t plan on pushing out a 10.3 version until I feel that the majority of my users have upgrade. One of the reasons I wanted to go to 10.2 is the addition Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 10 release 1.2.0

Meetup for BlackBerry 10 release 1.1.3

I just got the update 1.1.3 for my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app in BlackBerry World. I didn’t put in all the changes that I wanted to, mostly because of issues that came up while I was making the upgrade. Beyond my computer having problems, Meetup had a DDoS attack, which brought the app down for over a week. Unfortunately for my app reviews, a few people downloaded the app during that time and couldn’t get the app working. Because of that, I decided to release the app with what I had changed and then start another version with some Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 10 release 1.1.3

My first BlackBerry 10 app

I just updated my first BlackBerry 10 application; Meetup for BlackBerry 10. I was attempting to get the app released by a deadline in order to win a free Z10 in Red.  The offer was to be one of the first 500 developers to build an app and then get it certified as Built for BlackBerry in a certain time frame.   Well, I didn’t get it submitted in time, because there is a big delay between getting your app submitted and getting it reviewed; then apparently there is a delay for getting Built for BlackBerry certified.  Because I rushed Continue reading My first BlackBerry 10 app

48 Hour Challenge with filmSPARK

A few weeks ago, during our monthly meeting, a member of The RTP “Let’s Make a Movie” Meetup group mentioned the SPARKcon Festival coming up in Raleigh.  SPARKcon has been going on for 6 years and last year they added a 48 Hour Film Challenge to their filmSPARK.  At first I was a little hesitant about doing the challenge for a few reasons.  One, the 48 Hour Film Project, cost over $100 to enter, so I didn’t know how much this would cost.  Second, it was very short notice, so I didn’t now how many people I could get to Continue reading 48 Hour Challenge with filmSPARK

Today is the day!

Well, today is the deadline for the Free BlackBerry Playbook offer.  This is the third and final deadline for getting applications submitted, and I hope that I can get mine in.  I’ve registered and sent identification information, so now I am waiting for a response back in order to actually upload my application to the App World. I have until midnight, so hopefully they’ll get the reply back to me and things will get done. I have been trying to create an application since around Christmas.  I’ve had a few setbacks.  For one, I didn’t have a paid version of Continue reading Today is the day!