Using BlackBerry Z10 and your game controller to play games

When I started hearing about QNX and BB10, I have always had the impression that the goal of the BB10 phones is that everything is an accessory to the phone.  Since… forever, there has been talk of wearable computers.  There have been many attempts at doing this, but most are clunky and not very practical.  As cell phones morphed from brinks to smart phones, the capabilities have increased to the point where today’s phones are more powerful than the computers I used in the 90s.  This advancement in technology pushes us closer to the wearable computer.  The main downfall to Continue reading Using BlackBerry Z10 and your game controller to play games

Update to Egg Timer

On one of my projects at work I ended up using two Egg Timers but in different states. Since it would be easier to know if the correct Egg Timer was in the correct state, I added a couple of new parameters to the Egg Timer. Then I replaced the static colors with these defined variables to make it work. After those simple changes, the Egg Timer parameters can easily be added when placing the component. Fairly simple. Since the color parameters are already set as uint, there is no for any further conversion to make the color. I also Continue reading Update to Egg Timer