Zombie Crossing – game review

Time for another silly game review. Whether it is my review that is silly or the game is, will be determmined by the reader. Back in the 1980’s arcades (that place in the mall that you would go to in order to play games) had several games that had a simple premis, but would draw you in for hours just to do a very basic task. One of these games was Frogger. All you had to do was get the frog to hop across the road, grass and river to the other side. Occasionally you would guide the frog to Continue reading Zombie Crossing – game review

Short URLs for fun and marketing

During a discussion in the BBM Group “Baby Steps: BB Dev”, we were talking about apps sales and how to get more downloads. It was mentioned that in a recent developer survey, it was found that the more time a developer spent on marketing, as a percentage of development, the number of app downloads increased. A basic business principle, spend money on marketing to increase sales. After sharing this tidbit with the group, the discussion turned to tracking app reviews from different sources to see which ones are the most useful for increasing downloads. I had already started working on Continue reading Short URLs for fun and marketing

A graphical difference in releases

 I did the 4.2.4 release for Meetup for BlackBerry 10, I didn’t receive the notification email that there was an update to the app.  I think I even waited a day or so before doing the update myself, which was available when I went to myApps in BlackBerry App World.  This wasn’t the first time that I did a release and the notification didn’t go through to the phone.  In the last release, I got the review approval from BlackBerry and then the update notice within 12 hours.  The approval came after 10 pm and by the next morning I Continue reading A graphical difference in releases

Meetup for BlackBerry 10 releases – 1.2.3 thru 4.2.5

This is my second update this month for Meetup for BlackBerry 10.  At the beginning of the month (May 4th), I relased 4.2.4 which were some quick fixes to solve an issue with the latest version of BB10 and the HTML content. Apparently, at some point after 10.2 release, the Dark Theme and HTML content in a Rich Text editor start publishing white text on white background.  This made reading Event and Group descriptions useless.  The only fix was to remove the Dark Theme.  Also, I hadn’t completely revamped my application look based on the change to my logo in Continue reading Meetup for BlackBerry 10 releases – 1.2.3 thru 4.2.5

CopyTo List Attachment to Shared Documents

As part of one of my projects at work, I was tasked to modify a form for a list to have the Attachment moved to the Document Library. When the file is in the Document Library, I can then apply all sorts of change control and stuff to the document. Being new to playing around with jQuery and JSOM in SharePoint, I searched the web for an example on how to do this action. I found that there was a method called copyTo that would do what I needed. Great! Now how do I use it? I searched around and Continue reading CopyTo List Attachment to Shared Documents

Vector Wars – game review

Since I had a little time to kill, I downloaded a game from  BlackBerry World. Vector Wars is a space ship shooting game that harks back to the days of Asteroids and Space War with a hint of Wing Commander. You pilot a small vector shaped ship (hence the name) and battle off waves of enemy ships. The other part of the game is being verbally abused by commander of the supply ship. The game starts off with a tutorial level and plenty of abuse from the supply commander. The tutorial is needed if you aren’t familiar with playing a two Continue reading Vector Wars – game review