Cascades and auto animation

While I am trying to work on the next release for my Meetup app, I decided to take a little diversion to make a simple game app. Well, simple game app has taken a little bit longer than expected, but while working on the code, I learned a little unexpected feature about Cascades. When you want to place an item in a Container, you can let the Container handle the placement, or you can set the X and Y coordinates for the control (which is a subclass of a VisualNode). The values to set are the TranslationX and TranslationY, which Continue reading Cascades and auto animation

Fly FLy Up Testing and Review

As part of being a developer you end up spending some time in developer forums. Usually those forums are part of the official site for the development tool or application. But, sometimes you end up in a fan forum that happens to have a developer forum of its own, like the one on And sometimes when you want to find an active group of new developers, you end up in a BBM Group for new developers called Baby Steps: BB Dev. Well, that’s where I found myself when a user named Tom asked for some help. Tom was dipping Continue reading Fly FLy Up Testing and Review

Painter Help And Review

A little while ago, a guy named Joe gave me some help creating a Chat Style ListView.  While I was working on my app, he was working on his app called Painter. Joe is still making updates to the app, but it is a great app already. You are given the option of brush size, opacity and color. There are also eraser options for when you want to clear something.  For basic doodles, this would be fine. But, you can also load an image to make your doodles on top of. Of course, with the opacity option, it makes it Continue reading Painter Help And Review

Chat Style ListView

While I am continuing to add features to my Meetup for BlackBerry 10 app, I was wondering how I could add a chat like look when I show the Event Comments.  I was hoping that there would be a simple setting in the ListView to display the items in that format, but alas, that’s not the case.  However, with the help from Joe on the BBM Group for BB10 developer newbies (Baby Steps: BB Dev), we came up with a simple solution. The first step is to get your DataGroupModel in the right format.  When Meetup sends the Event Comments, Continue reading Chat Style ListView

In App link to BBM Channel

In my last post, I announced that I now had a BBM Channel.  As I mentioned, the main reason for creating the channel was for updates on any apps that I am creating for BB10.  As part of one of the updates to my Meetup app, I wanted a direct link to the channel, so that new users could subscribe and existing users a could see what I was up to as far as app development was concerned. I initially tried to add the link as a URL to launch from the app, but that only launches the browser and Continue reading In App link to BBM Channel

Dynamic Navigation Pane Push Pages

That is somewhat of a tongue twister and it all came about because of a question on a forum.  The forums has a section for new developers, which is always a nice thing to have.  The poster is apparently trying to create an app to serve up radio stations (I think) and he wants to provide a Page for each station and also provide the list of stations through an xml file.  On the main page, he wants to display a ListView with links to the secondary Pages. Normally, I would just create ComponentDefinition for each Page and then Continue reading Dynamic Navigation Pane Push Pages