svn causing me heartburn

Arrrghh!! So, the Plugin Directory finally pushed the 1.1.0 version of my Mixed Tape plugin to the repository to download. After I upgraded the plugin through the admin Dashboard, I noticed that the players were not showing in the test page. Well, apparently the svn check in blew up when I tried to add the 1.1.0 version and never put the audio files up to the site. I copied the audio directory from the trunk, which is apparently a no no. So, from now on I will have to remember to copy it from my working directory, which happens to Continue reading svn causing me heartburn

An ah ha! moment

So, I apparently didn’t get enough sleep last night and my brain isn’t working on all cylinders. Anyway, it hasn’t stopped me from some side brain storming. Since I finally got my Mixed Tape plugin to show up on the plugin directory, I guess I was thinking about the type of people who might use it. I shared it with one of the guys over at Music Brainz, who plans to do a little write-up about the plugin. I guess that was in the back of my head, because it came to me that people who review music could use Continue reading An ah ha! moment

Patiently waiting

Arrghhh!! So, I got approval and the “go ahead” e-mail for my Mixed Tape plugin. I did the checkout using TortoiseSVN and it created the folders for the plugin. But, after adding files to the trunk, creating a tag folder and committing the files back up to svn, nothing. The files are up on svn, but the download page has yet to update. The page still shows my login as the author and doesn’t have any of the other information that my WP People plugin download page has. Very frustrating. I know I’m not the only one who has gotten Continue reading Patiently waiting

My new Mixed Tape plugin

I am about to release a new plugin for WordPress. I am calling it WordPress Mixed Tape (WP Mixed Tape). If you have no idea what a mixed tape (mix tape) is, well, take a little trip back in time with me. Back in the day (let’s say the 1980’s), [W:cassette tapes] where the way taking your music with you. The [W:8-track tape] had gone the way of the [W:Dodo] and record [W:albums] were not portable. If those terms seem foreign to you, I included Wikipedia links to help you understand a little better. The great thing about tapes were Continue reading My new Mixed Tape plugin

99.9999% done with WP People

Well, I figured out how not to only add buttons for my WP People plugin but to have it popup with a window to select from the WP People list and then select a person and have it insert back into the Page or Post. And, I got it to work with both the tinyMCE (the pretty WYSIWYG editor) and basic editors. Yippee!!! Of course, IE is a piece of junk, so it doesn’t work 100% with IE. A couple of errors appear when it loads the list popup, but you can just click through those and the insert still Continue reading 99.9999% done with WP People

A little more functionality to WP People

After looking over a few examples of adding a button to the Post/Page editor, I found Deanna Schneider’s blog about adding a button. And, I got it to work! Woo hoo! Through her example, I was able to figure out how to create a page that would be called when the button is clicked. The popup page lists the WP People available, with their picture, an abbreviated version of their bio, name and nickname. Next to each person is a button to insert them into the post. When you click the button, the full name of the person is inserted Continue reading A little more functionality to WP People